Retail Stores Future: How they suffer, change and survive

SpeakerThomas Hörner
KeywordsRetail, E-Commerce, physical stores, transformation
Audienceretailer, shop owner, city manager, chain management
Length45  or 60 minutes
LanguageEnglish or German/Deutsch
Availability Germany or Europe, date as agreed

Are physical retail stores a relict of the past? Or are they the future of e-commerce? This speech offers the audience insights into current, rapidly changing developments in retailing.
Despite many headlines in magazines and loud complaints from the retail sector, retail is still growing - offline as well as online. And some of the largest e-commerce companies in Germany are traditional retail chains.
But not all worrying is unjustified: many traditional specialized retailers really are losing customers, town centers have lower customer frequency and online stores like Amazon are growing very fast - up to 20% a year.
What does the future of physical stores look like? Will they disappear, will they co-exist with online stores, or will a future store exist, but in a style uncomparable to current physical stores?
The speech considers the advantages of both channels: the Internet and the physical store. Starting from this analysis it develops sustainable concepts, combining the best of both worlds. The audience will learn how mobile internet is a booster of physical store sales. They will learn about the importance of becoming unique and developing a brand (especially for smaller businesses in town centers). And they will be shown a vision of what physical shops can look like by integrating digital technology into the sales process and thus acquiring online-advantages in physical city-center stores.
Many examples of larger company like IKEA, Globetrotter or food retailer Real,- are described;  as well as concepts from smaller town center companies. Statistics present the real world trends and background knowledge helps to improve the understanding of current and future developments in retail. All presented by e-commerce speaker Thomas Hörner in a vibrant, entertaining speech based on well-founded experience.
The speech has been given with a different focus at university conventions as well as for groups of business owners located in town centres. It will always be adapted to your audience after booking the speaker.

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