Speech: German Customers - how they behave and how to persuade them

Thomas Hörner talking about volume and behaviour of german customers in e-commerce.
SpeakerThomas Hörner
KeywordsGermany, E-Commerce, Internationalisation, Onlinemarketing 
AudienceRetailers considering to sell into German market
Length45 or 60 minutes
LanguageEnglish or German/Deutsch
Availability Europe, date as agreed

Germany is the second largest e-commerce market in Europe. But selling to German customers online is not just translation from one language to another. To be successful in international e-commerce you need to consider special German behaviours.
This speech offers insights into German online buyers. Where do they search for products? How do they decide on the online-shop they will use? Are there special services necessary to persuade the German customer?
What about legal issues? The typical German Abmahnung (warning notice) will be addressed as well as the theme of Datenschutz (data privacy) (note: while this speech is not focused on the legal details of selling in Germany; it does address some general legal issues unfamiliar to retailers from outside Germany).
Do Germans use credit cards to pay for online purchases? Generally, they do not. But which payment methods are needed to sell to German customers? What about delivery and returns?
The speech gives foreign retailers an overview of important topics about e-commerce in Germany and typical German behaviours in online-buying.

The speaker, Thomas Hörner, is a German e-commerce expert with 20 years of experience and offers substantial insights as well as entertaining speeches.

References for this speech i.e. German-Danish Chamber of Commerce, DHL Paket.


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